Man named "Jackmeoff Mudd" arrested… guess where.

There’ve been a lot of crazy news stories going around this week – a guy shot himself in the ass in a theater, Jonah Hill took pictures of a placenta, a prisoner lost his butt drugs, a guy brought an arsenal to a Dark Knight screening – and amazingly, none of them happened in Florida. Well that streak ends today as a man named “Jackmeoff Mudd” was arrested in Broward County. Poor Primus, their song now seems a quaint relic of yesteryear.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A man who claims his name is Jackmeoff Mudd has been arrested on a variety of charges.
It’s not known if the 54-year-old’s real name is indeed Jackmeoff, but that’s the name that is being used by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.
Fort Lauderdale police arrested Mudd last Friday on six charges, including assault, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer/obstruction without violence and possessing alcohol in a public area. [Local10]

So yes, it’s quite possible “Jackmeoff Mudd” isn’t his real name. It could be something even better, like Chad Farthouse or Steve Titwiener. Or, it could be his real name. Hey, stranger things have happened. We could be dealing with a Boy-Named-Sue situation, where his parents named him “Mudd” so that he’d have to struggle to make something of himself. It appears to have backfired, but give him time, he’s only 54.

“Jackmeoff” is just the subtext of “Taylor” anyway.