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06.11.08 37 Comments

Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel (standing in front of a giant picture of Seth Rogen)

So Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel made an internet trailer last year called Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse (watch it after the jump), which was basically Shaun of the Dead with more yelling.  Hollywood execs saw some Judd Apatow guys swearing and smelled the cash, so they all tripped over their dicks trying to make a feature out of it.  Mandate pictures, who did Juno, eventually won.

The deal… gives Rogen and [writing partner Evan] Goldberg full creative authorship of the movie and significantly — allowing for a few financial parameters that both sides have agreed to — final cut.
"You don’t do it for everybody," said [Mandate Exec] Kahane [he apparently only has one name –Ed.] on the subject of final cut. "You do it for people who you get to know over a period of time and you get a sense of whether they are your kind of people or they aren’t. … Sometimes you want to get into bed with talent you want to trust and are willing to show them that trust contractually." [THR]    

Mmm, yeah, baby, ever been in bed with talent?  Now turn over and show me your trust.  Come on, we had a contract.  Anyway, I hope they use all this creative control to, you know, actually come up with an idea for a movie. 

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