Jedi Burgers and Morning Links

The French fast-food chain Quick will begin selling these Star Wars-themed burgers in February. As you can see, the Darth Vader burger has a pitch-black bun. Which disturbs me slightly less than whatever the hell is on top of the Jedi burger. French fries? Marshmallows? Snails? |DailyWhat|

Thirty Cards That Make “Magic: The Gathering” Even Nerdier |Gamma Squad|

Goths Up Trees Is Necessary Because There Are So Many Goths Up So Many Trees |UPROXX|

7 Thoughts On The Nike Zoom Kobe VII Supreme |Smoking Section|

TUniversity Of Alabama Goes Full Hate Crime |With Leather|

Grouping the New ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Contestants by Cultural Relevance |Warming Glow|

52 Examples Why Florida Is Still The Craziest State |Buzzfeed|

Adult Swim’s Best Video Games Of 2011 |Adult Swim|

Henry Cavill is handsome and adorable, like a British Baby Goose. |TheSuperficial|

Gwyneth Paltrow is literally selling snake oil now. |Videogum|

Ever wonder what happens to left over campaign funds? |MentalFloss|

Renata is a redhead with large breasts. |GorillaMask|

Concert promoter inks deal to have rapper Nas perform in Angola on New Year’s Eve. Nas misses his flight and doesn’t make it to the show. That’s a-kidnapping |FARK|


31 unbelievable screencaps from Maury. |ScreenJunkies|

Mountain Dew has an additive that can dissolve mice. |HolyTaco|

via PoorlyDrawnLines:

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