Jesse Eisenberg's sister is that girl from those Pepsi commercials

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Hey, remember that curly-haired girl from all those Pepsi commercials circa 2000? Turns out, that was Jesse Eisenberg’s sister, Hallie Kate. It seems so obvious now, but I had no idea. Mainly because I hadn’t thought about those commercials in ten years, but still. Jesse might be a hot-shit Oscar nominee these days, but not too long ago, he was just a shy basement child forced by his parents to knit shawls for his overshadowing sister, the star of Paulie (I assume). Anyway, she’s 19 now (Jesse’s 28). This is an even weirder story for me, because I always wondered what my hair would look like on a girl (our mothers must have angered the same gypsy!). She makes it work. Though I admit, I don’t have her bone structure.

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