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01.27.09 21 Comments

Unless you’re one of the seven people who watches the TV Guide channel, you probably missed their scintillating SAG Awards coverage the other night.  But fear not, that’s why we have the internet.  Here, Joey Fatone interviews James Franco.  I never thought anyone could out-awkward the MTV guy when it comes to James Franco interviews, but this comes close.

FATONE: I am here with James Franco, how’s it goin, man? Congratulations.
FRANCO: Thank you.
FATONE: Film nominee.
FRANCO: …Thank you.
FATONE: For Milk.
FRANCO: ……Yeah.  That’s the movie.  Yeah.
FATONE:  Milk.  …I just like sayin that, I don’t know why.
FRANCO:  Is that how you say it out in Brooklyn?
FATONE: Uh… No, I just say ‘Milk.’  That white stuff.  HA! No, but that’s something else.  Nevermind.

It’s like eavesdropping on the awkward shitty party you bailed on!  I’m assuming TV Guide Channel only hired Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna for the tax break, like when Einstein Bagels gets retards to man the napkin dispenser.  Okay, guys, here are your microphones, try not to drool on anyone!

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