John Travolta Will Play A Crotch-Grabbing Gummy Bear. Of Course.


Gummy Bear (also called Gummibär after the German candy) is one of those music, video, ringtone, and video game franchises Americans don’t understand, yet it has an inexplicably large, dedicated fanbase overseas. Like soccer. But with a character described as “usually naked except for orange underwear and sneakers”.

And now this crotch-grabbing, autotuned-to-sh*t musical atrocity is getting a movie starring the allegedly crotch-grabbing John Travolta. Coming Soon reports Travolta has boarded this $30 million animated 3D feature film about 2012’s version of Crazy Frog.

The film is written by George Gallo (Bad Boys) and sees Gummy and his friends — a vegetarian vampire bat, a cat and a chameleon — fighting to save an alien planet from destruction.

Sh*t just got real.

Here’s the most famous thing Gummy Bear has done. I’m very sorry.

And that’s going to be a movie. With aliens. From the writer of Bad Boys. Starring John Travolta.

This is the weirdest Mad Libs ever.

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