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12.12.07 79 Comments

Paul Reuben is reportedly in the "pre-pre-pre-production" stage of a pair of Pee Wee Herman flicks, one for kids, another for adults. He hopes to reprise his role as Pee-Wee, but does have a realistic backup plan:

"My second option is to have Johnny Depp play Pee-Wee." He says that he has even approached Depp about it, and that Johnny told him: "Let me think about it."

Hmm, sounds like a definite "maybe".  Who do you have in mind for a director, Pee Wee?

"I have talked to Tim [Burton] about one of them about a year ago. But Tim is booked. I think he would be interested in it, but he’s really busy."

Ahh yes, and I imagine the woman he asked out last week "has to wash her hair," and the child he tried to give a ride home in his van "doesn’t really like candy."  Really, Pee-Wee, it’s not you, it’s us.  We just don’t like you in that way.

Poor guy, gets caught jackin it one stinkin time and it kills his career.  Such bullshit. I mean, if a guy can’t whack off in an adult theatre, where can he?  Those fascists down at the city pool sure aren’t having it. 

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