Jon Stewart moshing to Dead Kennedys in the 80s

I usually don’t post on Fridays after Weekend Movie Guide goes up, and I usually leave the Jon Stewart stuff to the TV bloggers, but I couldn’t not post this.

Irish Willis Peele snapped a lot of photographs of Virginia “speed punk” band Front Line back in the 1980s, including this one, from a Dead Kennedys show in Richmond, Va. Peele says the guy in the center is William and Mary student Jon Leibowitz — who later moved to New York and now has a pretty successful comedy career under the name Jon Stewart. In case you’re wondering, it adds up — Stewart was at William and Mary until 1984. [Gawker]

I heard the Misfits were scheduled to play the same show, but backed out when the college ran out of soup.

Sidenote: Patton Oswalt also went to William and Mary. That should definitely be the first two bullet points in the brochure.

UPDATE: So I guess it’s not him. Oh drat.