Judo Gene Lebell Confirms Choking Steven Seagal Until Seagal Pooped Himself

The story of martial arts legend Judo Gene Lebell choking Steven Seagal until he soiled himself is a tale nearly as famous as Richard Gere’s gerbils, Rod Stewart’s stomach pump, or Danny Thomas’s predilection for glass-bottom boats. The 79-year-old Lebell, who was cageside for judoka Ronda Rousey’s arm-snapping win over Miesha Tate last Saturday, was recently interviewed by Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, where the subject was again broached of Steven Seagal, who’s been known to get his leathery scent on MMA from time to time.

Basically, according to Lebell, when he choked Seagal (who, according to legend had claimed he couldn’t be choked out), Seagal pooped an entire steak dinner, which is probably not the unique physiological reaction he’s used to.

Well, if a guy soils himself, you can’t criticize him, because if they just had a nice big dinner an hour before, you might have a tendency to do that.

Aw, it’s cute that you’re being so coy, but come on, we’re talking about a guy with a ponytail crapping himself here.

Steven Seagal is a very outstanding martial artist. I’ve got nothing against Steven. Personally, myself I don’t think he’s taught these mixed martial artists how to win a match…He’s done a lot for martial arts, but I know where he’s insulted Randy Couture. Well, Randy Couture if he ever got mad, would have him for lunch. And that isn’t to put down Steven, but ‘closed mouth don’t catch any foot.’

Weird, that was my exact Match.com headline.

In other words, you can’t put your foot in you mouth if you keep it closed. When we had a little altercation or difference of opinion, there were thirty stuntmen and cameramen that were watching. Sometimes Steven has a tendency to cheese off the wrong people, and you can get hurt doing that. [TheMMAHour, transcribed by CagePotato]

It should be noted that Judo Gene has been known to tell a tall tale or two, but as far as you believe him, this is his official word on the subject. Also, I know “cheese off” is old guy speak for “to make angry,” but I’d also like to believe that Steven Seagal has a tendency to get actual Cheeto dust on people.

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