Slow Motion Footage of Kate Upton’s Boobs Bouncing in the Trailer for Somethingorother

For those of you out there wondering “When is Kate Upton finally going to show off her huge boobs?” I give you the trailer for The Other Woman. It stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann as blah blah something something (*car horn*) heeee haw, and at the 1:16 mark Kate Upton goes for a jog in slow motion and you’re not even reading this are you.

Kate Upton? More like Kate CUPton, am I right? You know, because it looks like she’s got a TON (of boobs) in her CUPS? Whatever, just show that clip of her jogging again. I can’t believe they only used it three times in the trailer. So boobs… Very bounce… Jogging… Wow.

I didn’t think I’d say this, but Kate Upton is a really good actress, you guys.

Not for nothing, Jamie Lannister is really handsome.