Kevin Spacey Photobombs Lady In Attempt to Become the New Bill Murray

In a move that can only be described as Bill Murray-esque, Kevin Spacey, who was in Boston to visit victims of the marathon bombing before beginning production on season two of House of Cards, came out of nowhere to Photobomb this girl while she was taking pictures in Public Garden. It’s amazing how a dash of celebrity can turn “ruined photo” into “best photo ever.” As a non-celebrity, I wouldn’t try this unless you’re curious what mace tastes like.

The submitter to Reddit writes:

“Apparently he jogged up, shouted ‘PHOTOBOMB!’ and then ran off laughing.”

Classic Spacey. You can get away with that kind of thing when you’re the President of Space. SPACE LAW, ORDINANCE ONE: The President of Space, Kevin Spacey, may have the right of first photobomb on all photos taken within Space Law jurisdiction.

Not to be outdone, my sources tell me a mail carrier was on his regular route in Santa Clarita yesterday when Gary Busey jumped from behind a bush shouting, “What’s the frequency, Butthorn!” before throwing a cat turd and escaping down a storm drain.