Kirk Cameron’s birthday party looks fun (UPDATE)

UPDATE: See below.

We don’t know much about this picture of Kirk Cameron, other than that it came from the Twitter of Christian video blogger Lane Chaplin, accompanied by the message “Happy Birthday, Kirk Cameron!”

Let’s infer that it’s Kirk Cameron, probably at his production offices, celebrating his birthday with Subway, the most Jesus-y of sandwiches. OOOH, AND CAN I GET EXTRA DRESSING TOO?? YAAAAAAY! I’M GONNA DIP IT IN ZESTY ITALIAN! THANKS HEAVENLY FATHER, THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!

I feel bad for poor Belinda back there, forced to wait outside the office door.

Silly, Belinda, cake is for birthday boys. Can’t you read the door?

(*forever alone*)

Poor Belinda. -via Buzzfeed

UPDATE: I just realized that Kirk Cameron turned 42, and there are 42 inches of sandwich on that table. Mother of God, this may have been even sadder than we thought. Nevermind, he’s 41. Close enough.