Kurt Russell Gets The Gang Back Together In ‘The Art Of The Steal’ Trailer

Despite my neverending, incessant demands that he make a sequel to the greatest film of all-time, Big Trouble in Little China, Kurt Russell has continued his outrageous defiance with a starring role in yet another Toronto International Film Festival debut, The Art of the Steal. Co-starring Matt Dillon (not Damon), Jay Baruchel and Jason Jones, The Art of the Steal (not to be confused with the 2009 documentary of the same name) tells the story of a washed up daredevil looking to get back into his second line of work – art theft.

The target for this Ocean’s knockoff is the Gutenberg Bible, which has a street value of approximately $20-$30 million, depending on whether or not the book is complete. In the new trailer, we learn that Russell’s gang isn’t exactly the most competent, but these guys yell cool things like, “Let’s go to work,” so you know that they’re legit.