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10.27.08 56 Comments

Quantum of Solace has set a new record for product placement, earning $79 million to shill a variety of different products.  Die Another Day was the previous title holder with $69 million.

Daniel Craig will drive a customised Aston Martin, wear his Omega watch and possibly sip from a bottle of Coca-Cola Zero, the soft drinks giant’s latest beverage. His laptop and mobile phone will be Sony while his latest love interest will drive him around Panama in a Ford Ka.

There is even a Bond Girl perfume, being launched by Avon, the mail order beauty firm. It is being fronted by Gemma Arterton, who plays Agent Fields. As Ms Barrett [editor of Marketing magazine] recently wrote: “It’s not the smoothest or cleverest of tie-ups, but we should expect more women-targeted brands to get on board.” [The Scotsman via Filmonic]

Watches and sports cars I understand, but Avon perfume?  Pretty pathetic.  Plus, what does a “Bond Girl” smell like?  Judging by the poster, I’d have to guess dried semen and gas fires.  Too bad I already tried to market that. “First Date,” I called it.

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