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09.13.07 34 Comments today has a memo highlighting the projects studios are trying to get made before the looming strike.  Some of the highlights/points of interest:

Justin Lin will be returning to direct The Fast and the Furious 4 – just in time, I was running out of things to make fun of Asian people for.  You can only use the "Oh, not rice again," joke so many times.

Drew Barrymore is slated to direct her first feature, something called Whip It.  Drew Barrymore shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a movie set. Damn you, Spielberg. 

A screen adaptation of
Life of Pi.  Hollywood to ruin another great book.  

Guy Richie remakes The Dirty Dozen? On the fence about this one.  Lock Stock was a great movie.  But then guy (literally!) also thought marrying Madonna was a good idea.

Possible remake of Seven Samurai.  No. Seriously, put it down and walk away. 

Thor movie on the fast track. Vikings are the new ninjas that were the new pirates. And anyway, it's about time someone made a movie based on a comic book. 

Director of Big Momma's House doing Meatballs remake. This guy should be painting my house.  Also, I should have a house.

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