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28 new pictures from Steven Soderbergh’s Che that I didn’t feel like saving and resizing.  As you can see, not only can Benicio Del Toro squint and smoke cigarettes, he can also squint and smoke pipes (sort of).  So versatile! [RopeofSilicon]

11 Nude Scenes We Didn’t Need to See.  Why do I feel like this entire list could’ve been Harvey Keitel? [ScreenJunkies]

America Ferrara to star and exec produce American Tragic. I’ve liked America Ferrara ever since she shot dagger eyes at Blake Lively, but is it so much to ask for her to change her middle name to “F-ck Yeah!”? [Variety]

40 Awesome Versions of Jesus. The Easter Bunny one is just wrong.  [HolyTaco]

The 14 animated films that have been submitted for Oscar consideration in the Best Animated Film category.  Ha, that’s cute, other movies besides Wall E think they have a chance. Fly Me to the Moon, are you f-ing kidding me?  [ComingSoon]

Star Trek trailer coming Monday. Yup, it’s come to this, a countdown to the trailer. Oh boy, I can’t wait to wait for this some more! [Official Site]

New Terminator Salvation concept art.  Ooh, a “hydrobot“.  Watch out, Ripley! The Sentinels are after you!  Oh crap, I’m mixing movies again.  Silly me, I don’t know how I ever could’ve made that mistake. [Filmonic / Io9]

The gun barrel sequence from Quantum of Solace.  I know, I know, it’s a poor substitute for the naked lady silhouette scene. [after the jump]

Those movies you keep ignoring on Netflix fight back. [College Humor]

Barack Obama ends racism forever, so Klan takes up birdwatching. Cute video, but I’m pretty they’re actually producers on Maury now. [Atom]

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