Latest Entrant Into the Epic Drunk Hall of Fame

On a day that included a story about Gary Busey arguing over the production design of heaven, this seemed especially relevant. Seriously, every single thing about this story is awesome. First off, he yelled his own name, much like Steve Holt! Only awesome people go around yelling their own names. FACT. Secondly, he’s a trend-setter. How much you want to bet LFMAO will be wearing dark puffy jackets, sombreros, and boxing gloves on one hand soon? (Is that you, Art Jimmerson?) Thirdly, he’s named “Jesse James.” For an outlaw who murdered people, Jesse James sure got a lot of namesakes. Hitler and Stalin never managed that. And finally, every good crime story should end “the suspect was found nearby, lying in the street.”

This is just the best.