VIDEO: Roadhouse, if Dalton was the villain

Movie mash-ups, especially the kind that involve ” ___ recut as ____!” are a dime a dozen on the internet, and usually not worth posting, but “Dalton the Dickhead” gets my stamp of approval because A. it’s about Roadhouse, the greatest movie ever made, and B. it reimagines the film as a story about good-time party boy Brad Wesley, who was just trying to wear cravats and cruise for pussy in his convertible until his A-hole son Dalton came and screwed everything up by being an aggro jerk. It’s probably the best Roadhouse fan fiction since Dadboner’s pitch for Roadhouse 2: Pain Still Don’t Hurt, starring Guy Fieri.

It’s also a story near and dear to my heart, as imagining the screw-up relatives of famous characters or public figures is one my favorite things. If you’d listened to Frotcast 111, you’d know that Gandalf has a brother named Dale who sucks at magic and sells knives door to door. Dale Gandalf: Mediocre Knife Salesman, Does Card Tricks at Parties.

[Thanks to ReelBastards for sending this over]