Matt Damon Is (Still) Willing To Return As Jason Bourne, But He Has One Rule

If you judge by the critical scores on a website like Rotten Tomatoes, 2012’s The Bourne Legacy was a huge disappointment compared to the first three films. If you’d rather judge by box office success, The Bourne Legacy performed the worst in the U.S., earning just $113 million, while Identity made $121, Supremacy made $176 and Ultimatum hauled in a whopping $227. Look, we’re all rocket scientists here, so let’s just lay it all out there – the American people want Matt Damon in their Bourne movies and not Jeremy Renner.

As it is, an untitled sequel to The Bourne Legacy is still being planned for next year, which would make 2015 a really busy one for Renner, with Mission: Impossible 5 and that Avengers: Age of Ultron film the kids are talking about set for the summer slate. The one thing that could save the Bourne franchise and keep it from being rebooted like every other successful franchise that has ever existed (give them all time) would be the return of Damon, and he told CNBC that he’d be more than happy to bring Jason back. But as he had said before, he’d need a familiar face and, what’s that one thing called? Oh yeah, a good story.

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