McConaughey's 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Chest Thump Gets An Awesome Remix

One of my favorite stories about Wolf of Wall Street is that the chest-thump thing Matthew McConaughey does with Leo in the restaurant wasn’t even in the original script, it was just something DiCaprio saw McConaughey doing by himself that he suggested should be in the movie2. Which all goes to support my theory that the more it a movie feels like someone just followed Matthew McConaughey around with a camera for a while, the better it is.

Anyway, the remixers at Eclectic Method have created the inevitable remix of the McConaughey chest bump and my only question is how it took this long.

The movie was practically a three hour chest bump remix as it is. Hell, it even has its own dance.

As president of the Matthew McConaughey fan club, a lot of people asked me if I was happy about him finally winning an Oscar this year. The answer is… I guess? After Killer Joe, Magic Mike, Mud, Wolf of Wall Street, and True Detective, it was kind of like a make-up award. How perfect is it that after all these amazing performances, the only way Matthew McConaughey could get the Academy to actually pay attention was by losing 50 pounds and pretending to have AIDs? Say what you will about them, they are predictable.

[Hat tip: DeathandTaxes]

2 “It was something I was doing just before the take just to relax myself. And it was Leonardo’s idea for me to bring it into the scene. We had the scene – the scene was done, we were happy with it. And Leonardo raised his hand and said hang on a second. He said ‘try putting that in the scene,’ so I said, ‘ok,'” said McConaughey.[Source]