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11.11.09 15 Comments

I’m not usually one to get excited about comic book movies because they usually suck, but Kick-Ass sounds, well, kick ass.  First of all, when Matt Vaughn wanted to make it his way — hyperviolent like the source — the studios passed.  So instead of letting them cut its balls off, he secured independent financing and made it himself.  Oh and hey, did I mention it also features Nic Cage doing an Adam West impression and stunts by this guy?  The trailer doesn’t give us much, but from what I know of the project it sounds like if Superbad, Kill Bill, and Nic Cage had a butt baby, and that’s one butt baby I’d give a quaalude and invite over for a photography session.

[hat tip, crotch grab to FilmSchoolRejects for the video]

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