A Mexican dude dressed like Wolverine saved people from a burning tower

You probably missed it because you were too busy looking at cat pictures and scrolling through Buzzfeed’s list of Kim Kardashian’s 36 juiciest queefs (or perhaps I’m projecting), but in world news, an electrical explosion at Pemex headquarters in Mexico City killed at least 37 people last Thursday. Obviously, our coverage tends to be more cat-queef-heavy than world tragedy, but the incident is of interest here, because during television broadcasts of the aftermath of the incident, viewers spotted a dude who looked more than a little like Wolverine helping evacuate people from the burning building. I’d like to think that guy in the plaid up there just had too many tacos, but only because I’m super racist.

Which leaves the question, quien es this hombre de mysterio? Turns out El Wolverine se llama Ricardo Fuentes, y él sabe que donde esta la biblioteca. Okay, that’s all the Spanish I know. Anyway, Ricardo is a 22-year-old maintenance worker who was at Pemex to deliver some tacos documents minutes before the explosion. And it’s no accident that he looks like Logan. It’s kind of his thing.

“All my friends call me Logan since I was in high school, this up here (his hair) I comb my hair back and leave it alone, then I laugh at these situations in the office because I said that it seems I have horns on my head and I comb my hair this way so they can’t see them,” he laughs.

Ha, cool story, Ricardo. Here’s an explanation of the annotations on the banner image, which is pretty hilarious:

“Yes I saw the comparison, I think I doubled my 15 minutes of fame. In fact, the guy in the chair is the son of the girl to looking at him. The gray hair actually was not as gray, what happened is that brought dust that rose from the building,” he says. [Terra.com.mx]

Well, something like that, anyway. We’ll get a better translation soon from someone who can parse the weirdly syntaxed pronouns better than I can.

The official cause of the Pemex explosion, incidentally, was a buildup of methane gas (cut down on the beans, Mexico!). But I think we all know that there was a cover up, a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top, and that this was all just part of Mexican Magneto’s plan to lure Logan out of hiding. I like to imagine Mexican Magneto has the power to manipulate tortillas, by the way. “Wolverine, ju silly puto, deedju eat six tacos por lonche? Tisk tisk tisk…”

(*Wolverine drops to ground, clutching stomach*)

“Ay, cabrone!”



 [via Imgur, sdpnoticias, Imgur, and thanks for Watanabex for the tips and the translation help]