Michael Caine explains the ending of Inception

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09.30.10 17 Comments

My favorite part of Inception was watching the dumb blonde soccer moms sitting in front of me roam the lobby afterward asking every theater employee they could find if the entire movie had been Cobb’s dream.  As if the guy holding a puke mop making eight dollars an hour owed them his interpretation of a piece of art.  There’s nothing worse to me than being stuck in a conversation with someone who insists on telling you why the suitcase in Pulp Fiction actually contained Marcellus Wallace’s soul.  HE DIDN’T SHOW IT TO YOU BECAUSE IT WAS MORE FUN TO LEAVE IT UP TO YOUR IMAGINATION, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN DESTROY THIS BEAN DIP.

That said, if there’s any person whose interpretation I will listen to, it’s Michael Caine. That guy once explained blinking to me and it changed my whole perspective on sh*t.  Now, obviously this explanation will include “spoilers”, so put on your big boy pants and join me after the jump.


The end of Inception continues to provoke heated debate  among fans and other people who haven’t seen anything else worth talking about in the last few months. While that’s obviously just what director Christopher Nolan intended by leaving those final moments open to interpretation, Sir Michael Caine has no love for ambiguity: He offered his own matter-of-fact explanation during a recent BBC Radio interview, saying that his character’s appearance in the scenes where Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb is reunited with his children means “it’s real, because I’m never in the dream.” [Onion A/V Club]

Caine went on to say that woodchucks can chuck approximately four cords a week, yes, retarded kids get regular brains in the afterlife, and illustrated the sound of one hand clapping by backhanding the host hard across the mouth.  He then demonstrated the proper way to button a cravat and made love to three women simultaneously, giving them each an orgasm that they will try in vain to replicate for the rest of their lives.

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