Mickey Rourke’s Boxing Opponent Admits To Taking A Dive For $15,000

Not that we needed much corroboration beyond our own eyes, but Mickey Rourke’s opponent in a boxing match last month in Moscow admitted to what we already figured was the truth: he got paid to lose. The bout was about as ugly as you’d expect, with 62-year old Rourke punch-slapping Elliot Seymore with blows that wouldn’t knock over a three-year old, and Seymore reacting as if he got hit by a freight train. Seymore took a knee in the second round after a rather weak looking body blow, and then moments later took a dive off another body shot which Rourke followed up with an ass punch while his opponent was already on the ground.

TMZ caught up with Seymore and asked the question everyone knew the answer to. The reportedly homeless part-time boxer claims he was paid $10,000 upfront to take the fall, then another $5,000 after the fight. Seymore also claims that “the fix” was only initiated by Rourke’s camp, and Rourke himself had no knowledge of the situation. He was also told not to hit Mickey in the face, which probably has something to do with his people’s fear of the actor’s ridiculous wig flying into the second row.