Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray: Paul Walker Drives Jayne Mansfield’s Car

It’s time again to look at this week’s new DVDs, and we’ve got an excellent batch to choose from.  Besides Fast & Furious 6 (pictured above -unless that’s a still from Fast Five.  Or Fast & Furious 7, I can’t really tell), we’ve got a lot of other great movies and they all star somebody you’ve heard of.  Assuming you’ve heard of Toby Jones, I mean.  Look, even if you haven’t heard of him, trust me, you know his face.  All right, even if you don’t know his face or his name, he was Dobby in the Harry Potter movies.  Fine, whatever, even if you haven’t seen a single Harry Potter movie and you’ve never heard of Toby Jones and you’ve never seen his face, that’s not his fault.  He’s still a semi-famous character actor.  The problem’s yours, pal, not Toby’s.  Maybe you should broaden your horizons and familiarize yourself with some of the many actors who work hard but weren’t blessed with George Clooney’s good looks and starring roles before you start questioning the professional accomplishments of others.  You know what?  Just forget it.  You win.  Here are the DVDs, you big baby.

The DVDs:

Fast & Furious 6

Despicable Me 2

Man Of Tai Chi

Jayne Mansfield’s Car



Berberian Sound Studio

The Hunt

Some Girl(s)

Touchy Feely

Angels Sing

Battle Of The Year

[ALSO: Mr. Angel, which I saw and loved at SXSW, came out on DVD last week, while Morton was taking time off to volunteer at the autistic cat shelter. See also, our Buck Angel interview and podcast. -Vince]