‘Mission Impossible’ Trailer: Kaboom And So On

The theatrical trailer for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was released exclusively to Yahoo! yesterday, and I can say with absolutely no equivocation that this will be an action movie. I can tell because during the trailer’s two and a half minutes, a bunch of things explode and at one point Tom Cruise jumps out a window and runs down the side of a building like he’s in a Mountain Dew commercial. Yup, this is definitely going to be an action movie. What can I say, I have a nose for these kinds of things.

In all honesty, even though there’s not much to the trailer beyond Tom Cruise being EXTREME and Jeremy Renner making that “I am a serious and possibly evil person in this movie” face that he made during The Town, I’m going to give this movie the benefit of the doubt. Mainly because it was directed by Brad Bird, who directed The Incredibles, and holy freak you guys I love that movie. So even though I’m kind of over Tom Cruise as a leading man, and I’m generally not a fan of sequels on sequels on sequels, I will at the very least go into this with an open mind. This is very big of me and should be recognized as such in the comments.

Because I have nothing else to add by way of analysis, I will now make a list of other things “Ghost Protocol” sounds like to me:

– Something Ghostface Killah would shout during the first fifteen seconds of a song before he starts rapping.
– One of those shows on the weird digital cable channels in the low-100s where psychics or whatever try to communicate with and/or hunt spirits.
– Something Shaggy and Scooby would initiate before running off, hiding, and eating really big sandwiches.
– The name of a band Pitchfork would give a stellar review to despite the band forming only 48 hours earlier.
– A list of elaborate rules and regulations you get before you are allowed to go haunt people, like “No hiding in bathrooms and peeking at ladies in the shower” and other total bummers.
– Some sort of weird sex move on Urban Dictionary that is so disturbing it makes you feel as though the noble experiment we call mankind has officially failed.
– A cool cereal with marshmallows and stuff.