MMA! MOTORCROSS! TOGETHER! (Plus Live-Thread Reminder)

OOOOH WHA-AH AA-AAT do we have here? That’s right, it’s MMA! With MOTORCROSS BIKES FLYING OVER THE CAGE!

This hybrid event was called ‘Backflips & Beatdowns 2’ and it was held in Billings, Montana. It all went down this past weekend and it featured quads and motorcycles jumping off an incredibly high ramp that was placed directly next to an MMA cage.[MiddleEasy]

And just when you think it COULDN’T GET MORE XXXTREEME, that’s when we bring in THE SHARK TANK FULL OF SLUTS! Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink and Vivid Video, it’s SLUT SHARK CAGE TANK BATTLE BIKE 7!!! You won’t know whether to backflip, beatdown or beat off! THE BADDEST BIKES! THE CRAZIEST FIGHTS! THE SLUTTIEST SHARKS! JESUS DIDN’T TAP! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! (*explosion sound*) (*toilet flush*) (*wilhelm scream*)

Okay, okay, I made up that last part about the sharks. But if you enjoy sweaty shirtless men punching each other in the face and wrestling as much as *I* do, come check out our UFC 146 Live Thread over at WithLeather, which I’ll be co-hosting with my cyber-grappling buddy, fighter and writer Danny Boy Downes. It starts tomorrow night at PUNCH o’clock, sucka.