Motorboat these Morning Links


Meme watch: Dog Fort. |Uproxx|

Won’t Somebody Think Of The Drinking Birds? |UproxxNews|

A triple Corgi couch?!? HOLY BUTTFCKING SH!T! |WarmingGlow|

Mario CAN jump over the flag on level one. |GammaSquad|

7th grade Steelers fan sent home from school. |WithLeather|

Nike 2011 Black History Month Basketball Collection. |SmokingSection|

Schwarzenegger says governorship cost him $200 million.  Californians say the feeling is mutual. |Fark|

Malaysia welcomes tourists, but hippies will be arrested. |TheDailyWhat|

“The greatest amateur igloo in Massachusetts.” |BostonBarstoolSports|

Holy Taco’s horoscope for the new Zodiac. |HolyTaco|

New Zodiac will pose a problem for those with Zodiac tats. |Clutch|

Better drinking buddy: Sheen or Sutherland? |Screenjunkies|

Actors We Miss: Bruce Lee. |Moviefone|

Samsung Nexus S from Google Smartphone Tech Review. |G4|

Spank bank: Maria Venus. |GorillaMask|

Digital Short: Pee Wee’s Drunken Playhouse. |Buzzfeed|

[banner gif via FckYeahRDJ, January Jones wins Golden Globe for Golden Globes via Getty]

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