SUPERCUT: Every time Kevin James has fallen down

Considering a search through my archives for “Kevin James” and “falling down” yields no less than 25 separate FilmDrunk posts, I’m a little upset that this new Supercut of every time Kevin James falls down in a movie didn’t come from us. But in the end, I’m just happy that someone made it (specifically, the folks at videojamb).

I enjoy slapstick done well, but something about the way Kevin James falls down seems… I don’t know, needy? Obviously the rational part of me understands that all pratfalls inherently involve someone desperate for attention and that’s sort of the comedic act in a nutshell, but someone like, say, Chris Farley would do them so violently that I was legitimately worried he was going to hurt himself. Thus there was a sort of Jackass-ian thrill to it, where you knew it was a stunt, but the stunt itself was still impressive. It was almost more like performance art than comedy. Whereas Kevin James never makes me forget how hammy he’s being. But then, maybe that’s the trade off for not being a self-destructive drug addict who dies at 33. Anyway, that’s my pedantic comparison of fat comedians falling down for the day.

I’m just glad the editor included Grilled. That would’ve been an easy oversight.

Yes, this was a real movie. Just barely.

I still hold out hope for our idea of a “Paul Blart Presents” franchise. Paul Blart: Meat Salesman. Paul Blart: Riverboat Surgeon. Paul Blart: Unlikely Bobsledder. Etc. Basically, this supercut could use a lot more farts.

[hat tip: NextMovie]