New Dark Knight Rises Photos: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (NO SPOILERS ON PAGE 1)

09.26.11 7 years ago 23 Comments

On the following pages, I’ve got some new pictures of Anne Hathaway in costume as Catwoman from the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Since I know how sensitive many of you are to spoilers, the first page only shows my fan-art recreation of the costume. Sorry to anyone I fooled you into thinking this was an official publicity still. It isn’t. It’s just a drawing. That’s supposed to be her litter box in the background on the bottom right.

Nice heels. Who’s she fighting against, gravity?
That crew guy’s eyes are like a butt laser. Not that I blame him.
“Codpiece? This lump’s all me, baby. And you just made it bigger.”
Ooh, is that her running? I get it, she’s agile, like a cat, hence the name. I don’t know how anyone could hope to escape this lighting-fast human cheetah. They must be using high-speed film.
Oh my God, what the f*ck’s on your head??
“Yeah, that’s good, paint a snaggle tooth on her, maybe this will earn as much as Spider-Man.”
Uh oh, we’ve got a onesie emergency. QUICK, TO THE BAT TOILET!
Eh, oh, what’s got two thumbs and loves bat pussy, bippity boppity.
[Pictures via JustJared, ComicBookMovie – more there]

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