New pics from World War Z, Bryan Cranston joins cast

I haven’t read it yet, but everyone who has seems to be sporting major nerd wood that Max Brooks’ zombie war oral history World War Z is coming to the big screen (I just have regular wood because Brad Pitt’s in it). Directed by Marc Forster and scheduled for a 2012 release, some pictures from the set in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK (hee hee! foul mouth cornhole!) hit over the weekend, along with the news that Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston would have a “small but flashy” role in the film. I hope that means his dong falls out while he runs through the background

Feeling the pinch of a cold British summer morning, Brad appeared wrapped up on board the yellow SD Salmoor where most of the filming is taking place. The admiralty salvage vessel was covered in wax and fake icicles plus a hoard of locals that were signed up as extras. The crew set sail to a nearby location and returned banging weapons and hollering for the camera. [SplashNews]

I don’t know what’s going on in these, except that they seem to be carrying weapons and wearing elbow pads. The pads are probably wise, I’ve heard it gets slippery up there on the poop deck. Oh what, now you’re going to tell me I’m immature? Just because I crammed three wiener jokes and two poop jokes into this post? Whatever, man. I don’t respond to name calling. Seems like you’ve got a lot of growing up to do.