New Pictures of Bane on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (UPDATE)

08.01.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

UPDATE: A Dark Knight Rises Facebook Page just posted some more, much spoilerier set pictures. Those begin on slide 7. Consider yourselves warned.

Courtesy of Splashnews (via JustJared), here are some new pictures of 33-year-old British dreamboat Tom Hardy as Bane on the set of the Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh (or “Shittsburgh,” as Sienna Miller pronounces it). He was wearing this same outfit in the teaser trailer, so I assume none of these pictures are what you would call spoilers. He basically looks like a bondage porn version of He-Man. And as if He-Man wasn’t already gay enough, they got the handsomest guy they could find and slapped gag over his mouth that looks like a giant anus. He-Man: The feelings you never dealt with.

Anyway, I guess the big question on everyone’s mind is what’s on that note Tom Hardy’s reading. I think I have an idea…

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