New Planet of the Apes poster is a disaster

06.22.11 8 years ago 39 Comments

Rise of the Planet of the Apes just got a new international trailer which seems to trying to steal the apes-wearing-clothes Oscar from Paul Blart: Zookeeper.  You can watch that below, but before we get to it, let’s all marvel at what a total disaster the new poster is.  My question: What association do you think is most unfortunate?  Is it the fact that they made a group of chimps look like they were giving the famous Black Panther salute? Or is it the cheesy Photoshop that makes it look like a still from Birdemic?

“Historical implications? Not even sure what that means, bro. Hey, did you notice that the tagline RHYMES?  Pretty sick, huh?”

They still haven’t solved the very-CGI’d-looking-chimp problem, or the chimps-aren’t-bulletproof problem, but this is a much better trailer. Generally speaking, though, I’d much rather watch a gallery instillation of James Franco putting sweaters on chimps, and then read the metaphysical think-piece he writes to justify the work philosophically.

[poster via CHUD]

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