Ideas for Movie-Themed Food Trucks, Part 1

Pictured above is the newest addition to the increasingly popular fad of food trucks and vans, the Grillenium Falcon grilled cheese truck. Owned and operated by Chad and Alison Hammontree of Fayetteville, Arkansas, the Falcon is not only an extension of the couple’s successful restaurant, Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese, but it’s also the most awesomest thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyeballs. I want one in Orlando immediately and I will not stop stomping my feet until I get one.
In the meantime, I shared this image with some FilmDrunkards and the next thing I know geniuses like Stinky Peet, Chareth Cutestory, Jacktion!, Erswi, Eibmoz, Patty Boots, and Beek, as well as that Vince guy, ran off a list of more than 360 suggestions for movie- and TV-themed food trucks. It was rather impressive, but mostly exhaustive. So of course Vince was all like, “Should we try to photoshop some of these ideas?” and I rolled over and said, “Why not?”
If you’re an aspiring restaurateur and you’re looking for your million dollar food truck idea, this might just help. Bon appetit!

As much as we would have liked to create rudimentary Photoshops of all of these clever ideas, it just cuts into our drinking time too much. Here are some of the other honorable mentions (Read: Too difficult to Photoshop) that I could remember:

Snack to the Future
Wok Hard
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdough
The 40 Year Old Virgin Olive Oil
Lambshank Redemption
The Rocky Mountain Oyster Picture Show
Men Who Stare At Goat Cheese
Much Ado About Stuffing
Pretzel’s Honor
To Grill a Mockingbird
V For Velveeta
The Wild Brunch
Breakfast Breakfurious
Baking 2: Electric Boogaloo
Four Breadings and a Funeral
The Good Shepherd’s Pie
Corndog Day Afternoon