Nic Cage Is Remaking Kirk Cameron Movies In ‘Left Behind’

What happens when you replace a religious nut job with a secular psychotic? You get probably the best idea in the history of cinema, Nic Cage starring in a reboot of the rapture series Left Behind, adapted from the books and originally starring Kirk Cameron. Unlike Heaven Is For Real, where some big Hollywood types basically figured they could milk the religious for some easy cash, the Left Behind reboot comes from Stoney Lake Entertainment, a company formed by Paul Lalonde, co-founder of Cloud Ten Entertainment, which produced the original Kirk Cameron Left Behind. Lalonde also co-wrote the script for the reboot.

So basically, the reboot is from the same people, who made enough on the original movies that they could afford to hire Nic Cage and Chad Michael Murray. Talk about the American Dream. I just hope they make enough to finally let Belinda have a sandwich.

If you’re not familiar with the Biblical rapture, basically God sucks all the pious people up to Heaven and leaves the sinners down on Earth to rot. I assume this is basically going to be that scene from Obama’s America where the black family fights over Monopoly, stretched into an entire trilogy.

I’m still pretty pissed they didn’t get Candlebox to sing the theme song.

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