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09.04.09 14 Comments

I’ve got a bone to pick with this new poster for Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Listen, any time you take Nic Cage and have him take direction from the German guy who got shot in the belly by a sniper and laughed about it, and have them remake a movie that was already pretty whacked out to begin with, and have Cage demand his lucky crack pipe in the trailerTHIS SAILOR IS ONBOARD *points to self with thumbs*.  At this point, there really isn’t anything you could do to keep me from seeing this movie.  That said, how you gonna make a Nic Cage poster without his forehead or ridiculous hair in it?  This is a Nic Cage movie poster.  Showing Nic Cage without the forehead is like showing Diora Baird without the boobs, or a platypus without the bill.  NOW IT’S JUST A STUPID BEAVER WITH A POISONOUS BARB ON IT’S LEG, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?


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