Not your average morning links (*cat in bow tie*)

05.04.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

This guy’s reasons for selling himself as “not average” are very similar to the ones here on FilmDrunk.


  • Meet new Uproxxer Kathy Benjamin and her piece, Tales of a Facebook Orphan, Or What to do Now That My Mom Unfriended Me. |Uproxx|
  • These robots can balance balls. |GammaSquad|
  • Alex Trebek’s angry outtakes are much more polite than anyone else’s.  Which shouldn’t surprise you.  He’s Canadian. |WarmingGlow|
  • Donovan McNabb gets a picture with Justin Bieber.  Dudes love lesbians. |WithLeather|
  • Eminem’s new single. |SmokingSection|
  • Fan-made Iron Man 2 posters better than the real thing. (Not that it was hard in this case). |ComicsAlliance|
  • Pretty women are bad for the heart (but good for the boner). |Asylum|
  • Arena Football waitress gets crushed.  Nothing like something like this to make you feel even better about being an Arena Football waitress. |NextRound|
  • USA World Cup soccer jerseys revealed. |BachelorGuy|
  • Johnny Depp rescues mugger by being Johnny Depp. |Fark|
  • The infamous news anchor “Soy jizzum” video. Which of course in Spanish means “I am jizzum.” |Urlesque|
  • Avatar producer Jon Landau discusses the future of 3D. |G4|
  • David Boreanaz is your latest celebrity philanderer. Of course, I use the term “celebrity” very loosely. |FListed|
  • Join the MacGruber Photobomb contest. |HolyTaco|
  • 15 funny movie marquees. |ScreenJunkies|

AFTER THE JUMP: Powerthirst is back with Powerthirst 3. Merry Fistmas.

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