One dead in Phillippines after filmmaker keeps it too real

11.01.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

No one films in LA anymore because there are too many rules and it’s too expensive, but on the plus side, your actors probably won’t get shot to death by vigilantes.  Which is what happened recently in the Phillippines.  A village watchmen in Cebu saw an actor playing a masked gunman and rushed in to save the day a la Lethal Weapon 2.  Only this time around, he actually shot and killed the guy. Because say what you will about Sergeant Riggs being a loose cannon, he’s still Joe Friday compared to your average Filipino.

Watchman Eddie Cuizon tried to accost Filipino actor Kirk Abella late Saturday then shot him as the actor was directed to speed away on a motorcycle with a masked driver, said community police chief.
Cuizon, 52, told police he was sleeping and was woken up by a concerned citizen who reported the presence of armed men in his community.
He told police he saw two masked men on a motorcycle and approached them but they sped away and he stumbled as he tried to stop them, injuring his knee. He fired at Abella when the actor pulled out a gun, which turned out to be made of plastic, Relado said.
Many street killings in the Philippines, including those of political activists and journalists, have been perpetrated by motorcycle-riding gunmen.
Volunteer watchmen in communities around the country help police keep the peace, patrol the streets and implement curfews. They are normally armed only with batons and are not supposed to carry firearms.  [Yahoo]

A groggy, gun-toting vigilante runs up and tells everyone to freeze, and you tell the actor to take off on a motorcycle?  Whoops.  It’s always sad when an actor has to take the heat for something that was a directorial decision.  But this is why you have to choose your projects carefully.  Anyway, if they make a film version of this, I think Nick Nolte or Rip Torn should play the sleepy gunman.

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