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02.11.09 15 Comments

A lot of people forget that Paul Rudd played a lot of “serious” roles before everyone saw Wet Hot American Summer and Anchorman and realized what a brilliant comedic actor he was.  Someone on the web recently created this compilation (video after the jump) of one of his pre-comedy performances, in Gen Y Cops, the badly dubbed 2000 Hong Kong action sequel to Gen X Cops, in which Rudd sports a sweet Hans Grüber haircut and an attitude to match.  I’ve always said, what Anchorman really needed was more underwater gun fights. My favorite line?

(3:34) “Yeah, keep flappin, dickhead.  You’re the one going to the bamboo Alcatraz.”

(I think he means because they’re in Asia)

[Thanks to evil twin FilmJunk for finding this]

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