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Paul Schrader, the award-winning screenwriter best known for Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, is moving to Mumbai (formerly Bombay) to write and direct a Bollywood film.  Hollywood Reporter‘s lede for the story?

Paul Schrader is taking a taxi to Bollywood.

Come on, dude, you’re better than that.  That doesn’t even make sense as a metaphor.

“I’ve been getting indie movies made for 20 years,” Schrader said. “But I take a good look around and what I see is a barren, barren place — in terms of the financial community, in terms of audiences, in terms of distribution. It’s cold out there.”
“Extreme City” [Only one X?  Must not be very “exxxtreme” –Ed.] is a cross-cultural tale that will center on an American man who travels to India to help resolve a kidnapping case for his father-in-law, only to get caught up in a gangster plot.  There likely will be some musical numbers, and dialogue will be spoken in English and Hindi. Schrader is working on the script.

And then, just when all looks lost, and the man has abandoned all his principles, some dancing condoms convince him to search his heart for the truth with a song.

Also keep in mind, Schrader’s last movie was Adam Resurrected, a film starring Jeff Goldblum as a magician hired by the nazis to entertain Jews on their way to the gas chambers.  I shit you not this is from the actual synopsis:

Adam survives the camp by becoming the Commandant’s “dog”, entertaining him while his wife and daughter are sent off to die. Years later we find him at the Institute. One day, Adam smells something, hears a sound. “Who brought a dog in here?” he asks Gross. Gross denies there is a dog but Adam finds him–a young boy raised in a basement on a chain. Adam and the boy see and recognize each other as dogs–and their journey begins. “Adam Resurrected” is the story of a man who once was a dog who meets a dog who once was a boy. [IMDB]

So did they sniff each other’s assholes or what?  I’m on pins and needles over here.

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