Report: Peter Dante Had A ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ Meltdown

For being such an anti-bro advocate and gentleman spokesperson for the sport of lacrosse, Happy Madison regular Peter Dante seems like a pretty colossal dick today. According to an employee at the J.W. Marriott hotel in Santa Monica, Dante was kicked out of the hotel last Friday morning after he freaked out and blew up on employees when he was trying to get a new room key and nobody knew who he was.

When a black male staffer tried to assist Adam Sandler’s buddy, that’s when all racial hell allegedly broke loose, as the hotel employee claims that Dante started throwing around his celebrity status and the N-bomb.

A staffer, who happened to be black, tried to help Dante … but the actor exploded, telling one of his friends, “You better tell this n**ga to give me my fucking room key before I f*ck him up … he clearly doesn’t know who the f*ck I am.”

Dante continued to berate the staffer — “N**ga do you know who I am? I’m a black belt and you’re a black person, I will f*ck you up.”

He also directed his venom toward a Latino parking valet — “Hey Mexican, this is Santa Monica, do you know where you are? We don’t need you.”

That’s when Dante upped his threats by dropping some famous names — the report states, “[Dante] threatened to have Suge Knight, Busta Rhymes and Adam Sandler come to my house and ‘f*ck me up.'” (Via TMZ)

Perhaps somewhat impressively, Dante also claimed to be friends with Santa Monica police and when officers arrived to the scene, they reportedly took his side. Or maybe that was more of a sign that Dante was just being picked on for being a celebrity, and the staffer was just being opportunistic in going after a guy with a little star power. Who knows?

But then a TMZ camera man found Dante in Los Angeles, and he had the perfect explanation for all of this. And by perfect explanation, I mean that he claimed he’s allowed to say, “Nigga” as a term of friendship because Marcus Camby and Nelly told him he can.