PICTURED: Dane DeHaan is Spider-Man’s new James Franco

Sony (under their Columbia Pictures banner) originally, hilariously billed their first Marc Webb Spider-Man movie as “The Untold Story,” though nothing we’ve seen so far has convinced me that the first and its upcoming sequels aren’t basically just a re-telling of the Sam Raimi movies with a different cast. But now we can sort of play fantasy casting director and argue about Spider-Man’s personnel decisions like we would with football. Hooray? I see Tobey Maguire as more of a pocket Spider-Man, while Andrew Garfield has the tools to get out around the edges and really shoot webs downfield.

Anyway, here’s a picture Dane DeHaan tweeted of himself as Harry Osborn on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you’ll remember, that was the role played by James Franco in the Raimi Spider-Man movies, which may have helped push him down the path to creating great art.

“Breakin’ it down #Osborn style… Yo.”

Well, I didn’t say it was an interesting Tweet.

DeHaan, of course, plays Peter Parker’s best friend, but I think it’s pretty obvious from his fancy boy haircut that he’s going to turn evil. DeHaan always plays either the unkempt anti-hero or the smoothly-coiffed evil guy. I can’t really brag about my powers of deduction though, considering I’ve basically already seen this movie. But if Sony stops making these, they have to give the rights to the character back to Marvel. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn’t have a subtitle, but they have until May 2, 2014. I was thinking “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Economic Realities.”