Ryan Gosling will take a hot cup of himself, please

Ryan Gosling has always been a human cup of hot cocoa, so it only follows that his beautiful Baby Goose face would be the perfect adornment to a cocoa mug (much the same way Matthew McConaughey should be on tubes of KY). Unfortunately, this special edition Tim Horton’s mug is the only one made. The lucky guy or gal who gets to take a steaming sip of Gosling? Baby Goose himself, as it turns out.

It all started with an interview with Tribute.ca in which Baby Goose said he hoped Gangster Squad would finally be the movie that got his face on a commemorative fast-food cup (stupid Blue Valentine and their lazy tie-in department really whiffed on that one).

“I thought I might get a cup out of this deal,” said Gosling. The interviewer suggested the coffee-and-doughnuts chain would be a good fit. [Grubstreet]

It makes sense that that’s what attracted him to the project, it certainly wasn’t the script. From there, a Buffalo.com writer suggested a mug (a “Gosling Goblet”) to Tim Horton’s, and, being Canadian, Tim Horton’s came through with the above mug, gifted to Gosling. “Sure we’ll do it, eh,” Tim Horton III probably said. “But not for money, though, yeah? There’s nothing worth owning in life that you can’t suck from trees or shoot in the forest, I always say.”

The best part of drinking coffee out of a Baby Goose mug? It’s self-sweetening. The worst part is that it turns water into hummingbird feed. He’s that sweet. If more people drank out of Baby Goose coffee mugs, there’d be no war.