New pics & video from the Robocop remake, including ED-209

With Comic-Con going down this week, you can expect more nerdy swag releases like this new viral video and photo set from the Robocop remake. To refresh your memory, that’s the one from MGM, being directed by Elite Squad‘s Jose Padilha, starring Joel Kinnaman, with Hugh Laurie and Samuel Jackson, in which Robocop was at one point rumored to be “a transformer who fights Al-Qaeda,” according to a script review by Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny. Still, I’m cautiously trusting Jose Padilha because Elite Squad 2 kicked my balls in.

Today, via MGM’s Omnicorp viral site, we have an Omnicorp promo video, the new ED-209, and what’s being speculated as an early prototype of the Robocop suit.

It was revealed early on that there were two suits and one was laughed off because it did not look intimating enough. That might be the one that we are seeing below identified at the EM-280. [JoBlo]

I could speculate further, but I’m already all dandruffy and I don’t want to give myself an asthma attack. I know we all have a knee-jerk reaction against remakes, especially with movies that were already pretty good like Robocop, but ED-209 was such a badass character, but didn’t look particularly realistic in the original due to the technological limitations of the era. So at the very least, I’m excited to see what they can do with ED-209 with modern technology. They didn’t put flames on him like Michael Bay probably would have, so that’s a start.

Supposedly, Paul Verhoeven would act out how he wanted ED-209 to move for his stop-motion animators and model makers. I would pay double to see a version of Robocop where ED-209 was actually played by Paul Verhoeven stomping around like a giant robot velociraptor making machine sounds with his mouth. It’s amazing what animators could do back then, even in the days before Andy Serkis. 

This is a “XT-908 Aerial Drone,” according to the video below.

Here’s the possible-prototype suit. It’s definitely different than the spy pics (which got pulled) that were going around earlier this year.

[via Omnicorp, Joblo, CBM]

I hope the new version is half this graphic. This is just the best scene.