Nose-Licking, Clay Matthews, And Fart Noises… It’s The Trailer For ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

Where, oh where, could the Bellas take us that they didn’t already take us in Pitch Perfect? To the world championships of a cappella, obviously. Hot on the heels of the hilarious pun-play of the first poster for Pitch Perfect 2, the trailer has arrived, and it has more singing than any movie trailer in the history of the world (citation needed). Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson lead the rest of the Bellas against an international stage of competitive singers, and they’re joined along the way by Adam DeVine, Elizabeth Banks, John Michael Higgins and that one dude from the TBS series about people working (not that one, the other one). It’s a classic story of us against the world, featuring Rebel Wilson falling down some stairs.

Lost in all the tunes is the real surprise of Clay Matthews and some of his Green Bay Packers teammates. However, David Bakhtiari has never been shy about his love of Pitch Perfect, so this must have been a dream come true for them.