‘Pixels’ being adapted by Adam Sandler. Wait, what?

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05.13.10 15 Comments

Remember that short film, Pixels, about old-school video games and their blocky graphics invading present-day Manhattan?  You should, because it’s half an inch above where you’re reading this.  Jesus, how high are you?  In any case, Patrick Jean’s three-minute short was loved by all, so much so that Hollywood eventually came a-calling, and Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production company, just bought the rights.  Uh… what?

Columbia Pictures and Happy Madison are in early talks to develop a movie based on Patrick Jean’s video-game themed sci-fi invasion video Pixels, which has become a viral sensation. No deal yet at Columbia, but Happy Madison bought the rights to Jean’s work and Adam Sandler’s company is a fixture on the lot. The idea would be to do it in 3D. [Deadline]

To do what in 3D?  There’s no story.  I could see giving this guy some kind of deal since he’s obviously got some talent and creativity, but this whole idea is “New York turns into Legos.”  That’s it.  And it happens in three minutes.  For something that’s supposedly a storytelling medium, they sure hire a lot of graphic designers.  It’ll be interesting to see how it becomes a Happy Madison movie.  I guess Kevin James could get sucked into some Donkey Kong world, Tron-style.  He’d throw some bananas and fall down a lot — it’s basically Paul Blart with better production design.

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