Anti-zombie presidential candidate ‘Vermin Supreme’ needs our support

The mainstream media seems to have slept on this story, and it does us all a great disservice, but I’m hoping to correct that. Last month, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics invited sixteen lesser-known candidates for president, including nine republicans and seven democrats, to a forum, where they could outline their views and engage in lively debate. It was there that Rockport Massachusetts’s ‘Vermin Supreme,’ (seen at right sprinkling glitter dust over West Virginia’s Randall Terry) won the official endorsement of While we certainly can’t overlook the importance of his awesome hat, it was his positions on the issues that matter to us that ultimately won him this coveted endorsement.

Vermin Supreme, the perennial satirical candidate who runs on a platform of zombie preparedness and a pony for each American, came wearing about seven neckties and a giant boot over his head. [unionleader]

Stronger zombie defense and universal pony access are exactly the kind of common sense platforms we need in these tough economic times. The head boot and glitter bombs, that’s just good showmanship. And if, in the spirit of bipartisanship, Supreme chose as his running mate The Rent is Too Damn High Party’s Jimmy MacMillan, I think MacMillan’s karate expertise could give this ticket the shot in the arm it needs.

As a side note, Vermin Supreme is exactly how I always imagined Quentin Tarantino’s cocaine wizard.

[hat tip: TheDailyWhat]