Presidential Debate Remix and Your Morning Links

[via Clip Nation]

Release All The Photos You Want, ‘Last Vegas’ Still Looks Ridiculous |Film Drunk|

Besides talking to director John Hyams, the guys also talk about Cloud Atlas and Flight |Frotcast|

How The Internet Reacted To This Week’s Shocking Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’ |Warming Glow|

That’s unfortunate. [via Humor Train]

Ron Swanson’s All-Time Government Quotes Are Here To Save The Day |UPROXX|

A Weekend Of Sports At Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 |With Leather|

Dragon Baby Is Here To Slay Dragons And Nap, And He’s All Out Of Naptime |Gamma Squad|

Roy Firestone’s Incredibly Introspective 1987 Interview With Wilt
Chamberlain |Smoking Section|

NFL Ballots: KSK At The Polls |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

I’m electing FLBP for President in 2012 |theChive|

20 Interesting SkyMall Products |Buzzfeed|

So…Here’s A Justin Bieber Sex Doll |IDLYITW|

10 Public Figures Who Choose Not to Vote |Mental Floss|

6 Rap Battle Scenes You Don’t Have To Be A Hip Hop Fan To Love
|Screen Junkies|

The 23 Funniest Pop Culture Charts |HuffPost Comedy|

Let Me Bang! |Holy Taco|

Top 10 things you can’t prove but people believe anyway |Fark|

How To Light A Bonfire MUST SEE!! |Videogum|

Ten Movies Released in 2012 That You Had No Idea Were Hugely Profitable
Successes |Pajiba|

Miley Cyrus Dang Ol’ Milyun Bucks Fer Eatin’ Cooter Pie in One O’ Them
Sex Movies |The Superficial|

Finally, A Casket Maker is Using Hot Babes To Sell Its Product |Brobible|

6 Real Life Horror Movie Posters |College Humor|

How It Should Have Ended: The Bourne Identity |High Definite|

Five Movies Featuring (Slightly Insane) Homemade Superheroes |Unreality|

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