Princess Leia’s coke addiction preserved in Star Wars (PHOTO)

Rumors abound about Carrie Fisher’s past as an incorrigible cocaine addict, mainly because Carrie Fisher won’t shut up about it, in her books, one-woman shows, and impromptu, Home Depot parking performance pieces. But it wasn’t until today (as far as I know) that evidence was presented showing that her utter fienditude was so pervasive that it’d actually been preserved on celluloid. Fisher’s coke nail is clearly visible in this still from Return of the Jedi posted on Reddit. I suppose it could be Photoshopped, but what am I, a lie detector?

Buzzfeed even found another photo of Fisher with a suspiciously long nail:

Maybe it’s just the angle? Huh, and to think, all this time, my adolescence had me convinced that long pinky nails were just something 14-year-old cholo dudes did to show off. It seems like if you have a real addiction, it’s not something you’d want to advertise, like a junkie walking around with rubber tubing still tied to his arm. I mean, is it really that hard to carry a little spoon or some Parliament cigarettes or a decent set of car keys not that I’d know shut up mom I read.