Putin’s Global Conquest & The Apocalypse Prophesied in ‘Skyfall’

You may remember William Tapley (a.k.a. the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse AND the Co-Prophet of the End Times!), host of the near-perfect YouTube series Revelation Unraveled. When we last checked in with Mr. Of The Apocalypse, he was changing the world with his 11-part series on how the Apocalypse is prophesied in the video for “Gangnam Style” because Psy is the Antichrist. Now he’s back (jk, he never left, he has hundreds of videos) and ready to education you unholy monsters. Mr. Tapley accidentally sat on his grandson’s X-Box and somehow ended up watching Skyfall on Netflix. At least that’s what I assume happened. Inspired, Tapley set out to prove that Skyfall isn’t about a British spy—it’s about how Vladimir Putin will take over the world. His proof (SPOILERS for the movie and the human race):

• Daniel Craig looks an awful lot like Vladimir Putin (who is found in the Bible as the last King of the North).

• Daniel Craig is sexy and macho.

• Adele’s song is just straight up about the Apocalypse.

• James Bond lets three people die, like a bear with three ribs in his mouth (Daniel 7:5, duh).

• James Bond is resurrected, like the Seventh Beast (representing international communism) from the Book of Revelations.

I’m sold.

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